As a certified personal trainer I have come across many people who want to endeavor into a healthier lifestyle. As a result, I have decided to help as many people as I can with my knowledge and experience and this is why I decided to launch my online training. Practical online training for anywhere and anytime that suits everyone who is willing to put in the effort and sweat. I’ve had many successful transformations and I know you can do it too!


Tailored training programs to your goals
Custom programs to your convenience whether at the gym or home
Designed for complete beginners to advanced fitness levels
This is for you if you want to get strong and bring your best physique
Ultimate transformation!


Custom Programs Made For Your Goals


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  • I’ve trained with Lulu for more than a month and honestly consider her one of my favorite trainer. She’s knowledgeable and attentive and helped me achieve my goals (which were maintenance/muscle gain/strength) while also addressing any issues I had! Her workouts were always challenging (my legs would ALWAYS BURN) but that’s what makes it worthwhile.
  • June 2018- June 2019 Training with Lulu was an experience like no other. It was a journey where my body transformed significantly. For 4 years in the US, I thought I was eating right as well as trained the right way with my trainer, but my body image hadn't changed regardless of the fact I trained 4 sometimes 5 times a week. With training with Lulu I started with a weight of about 53- 55 kgs and successfully accomplished my dream weight of 45 kgs yet with healthy muscle weight. Astonished as I was Lulu helped me through this goal. A healthy diet was essential of course as she guided me through my eating habits. Lulu’s training has greatly increased my self-confidence. I recommend any person who is struggling with their weight and their personal-health goals to try training with Lulu to learn more about his or her body and self.”
  • Lulu not only changed my perspective about exercise, she educated me and helped me understand my body. I’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle, and I owe it to her